We have had the opportunity to work with some great people and companies.

Training Workshops

“The feedback from the 16 attendees was nothing short of remarkable”:Department for Transport, Energy & Infrastructure, South Australia
“I find the sessions to be of great value not only from the content and the topics but also learning from the group and expanding my knowledge by listening to others”.Radar Surveillance Unit South Australia
“Group practical exercise’s, reinforces learning on the day and also increases interaction with people that you may not directly work with”.Aerospace Operations South Australia
“Content & length was spot on, didn’t feel we had to rush & there was always time for discussion which is great getting other peoples input”.National Pharmacies

Training Tools

Great Tool. Really good as an “Ice – breaker” type activity and also to help the instructor/facilitator get some background info on the learners.

Kelly Ashby, Education Officer RAAF
Every single action is a training opportunity! Fantastic Tools.

Natalie Mahlknecht
Library Custodian
Natalie Mahlknecht, Library Custodian

The cards delve into subjects which have helped stimulate thinking and lots of discussions.

Jan White, Northern Suburbs High School

Expert Coaching

I have really appreciated the time and effort that Tina has put into Swan. It has completely ended the conversations I had around ‘we don’t have a TL coach’ or ‘ we don’t get support’. The fact that people want more of her just confirms that has been successful. I am also very pleased at the connection she has built with the Team Leaders – they can be an isolated group and I think the sense that they have someone focused just on them has been really positive.
Marianne Dravnieks: Culture and Change Leader, Swan Brewery 2010
Tina so far from what I have observed seems quite strong in Lead and Developing Others / Coaching. I have seen her go through and give constructive feedback to the team members on their Standard Operating Procedures development and they took that feedback on board quite well without any bad body language or negative talk or feedback which was really good. Sometimes our team members are hard to pass on constructive feedback to so well done. Tina isn’t afraid to ask questions to seek clarification on something so she can clearly understand our systems and way of life in Operations, especially as she is new and has a lot to take in and feel confident about. She learns from what you have to say quite quickly.
Cherryl Douglass: Quality Systems Co-ordinator, Operations 2010
Tina most definitely displays the behaviours of a great coach which is evident when Tina conducts her workshops by creating an environment to encourage people to generate ideas as well as building that level of trust through her level of competence and her communication style. I find her authentic because she is easy to approach and talk to, during the workshops Tina seems to quickly and accurately sense situations and respond appropriately as was with a certain individual during the constructive behaviours workshop. Tina was able to respond to him quickly and turn him from a negative person into someone that was contributing to the session.
Manfred Lang: Manufacturing Leader, Salisbury National Foods 2012
Tina asks great questions which have helped consolidate thinking and stimulate better ways of doing things.
Gary Faulkner: Technical Director, Operations NSW 2014