What must change if L&D is to be successful in your business?

  • Stop offering boring courses
    Most courses offered today are too long, too boring, and ‘too PowerPoint’. Stop blaming people for not coming to training, and start improving the courses!
  • Start focusing on timely topics
    Offer courses that teach the topics that help management drive business, and build foundational skills.
  • Embrace flexible, blended learning
    Managers need training alternatives that let people learn on their own time, or in the ways they learn best. Get a qualified designer in to determine your best approach for your business and people.
  • Get to the point
    Gone are the days when people could sit in a classroom without multiple interruptions or the fear of political backlash. Stress levels and attention spans being what they are today (short), “micro-courses” are seen as the wave of the future.
  • Collaborative and experiential approaches a must
    Most courses today are presentation-heavy, ‘death by PowerPoint’, or too individually focused. The strongest courses, however, are engaging, experiential, team-exercise driven, and balanced.
  • The need for inspiration
    An L&D specialist that injects a sense of passion for what they do and what they teach is something that must happen in the near-term in order to make learning exciting again.